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Fenetra Associates specialises in the Project Management and Implementation of Software packages to tight Budgets and Deadlines. This work would include:

Project Management:
Few companies have the resources available to take on new projects on top of their day-to-day duties. Even the smallest looking of software projects can have many unseen characteristics that will escalate if not controlled. These complications take up a lot more time, money and extend projects beyond their deadline. Fenetra Associates have the experience to see many of these events coming and can take control of them before they cause issues. We will deal with all the parties involved and set out a Project Plan that can be reviewed and improved as the project develops.

Project Plans and Schedules:
A Project Plan is not just a Gantt chart showing events, but a combination of documents that let you control a project with all its Deliverables, Responsibilities, Risks etc. that are critical to running a successful project. Fenetra Associates will develop and review these documents for you and liaise with the resources involved to resolve and meet your commitments.

Investment in software can be expensive, with the costs sometimes hidden by nondisclosure of key elements (e.g. Data Capture and Conversion, Reports
not included, Training requirements, Project Management costs, Licences etc.) that mount up. We will look at these elements and advise on how to
purchase and implement the software.

Auditing and Reviews:
Before you buy any software an audit of your company’s needs and goals should be undertaken. We will look at your current systems and
workflows and will advise on best business practice for those areas that require improvement.


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