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  Welcome. Fenetra Associates have been implementing software systems for over a decade in a wide range of business and industry types. Each business will have their own issues and concerns ranging from customer care and union agreements to audits and validations. Fenetra specialise in managing this process for you from the pre-sale phase right through to the post-live support stage meeting the goals and targets necessary for a successful project.

Why Us

We Listen and then Advise on the Best Practice solutions. Fenetra will create training plans and work flows to establish Buy-in and Ownership amongst the system users.
Areas of Work

Maintenance, Stores, Purchasing, Reservations, Help Desk, Accounts, CRM, ERP, Warehouse, Travel

Project Management Techniques

Visibility, Traceability, Fit for Purpose, Goals and Targets, Continuous Improvement.

Fenetra Associates specialises in the implementation and Project Management of Software packages to tight Budgets and Deadlines.

Project Planning Software, File Recovery and Backups, Documentation.
Resource Links

Fenetra Associates can source the required resources necessary to support your system implementation needs.


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